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This is really important to me ..(David). I've been into most types of music since the early sixties -Tamla-Motown, The Beach Boys, Soul & Jazz. Used to buy albums from the States at a place in Soho called Transat Imports, who imported all the Beach Boys stuff that wasn't available in England. I got into modern jazz arounf the same time, and remember having my lovely Lambretta GT200 scooter nicked while I was buying Lionel Hampton albums in Dobells Jazz Record Store. My tastes expanded further when the Elektra label opened up here, and I found Paul Butterfield, and then bought everytning that came out on that label - so Love, the Doors, Tim Buckley all came into my life. At the same time the free concerts in Hyde Park had started, and I went to most of them. Still remember sitting in the sun listening to Pink Floyd at the peak of their powers, before Syd lost it. Most of the music I liked then, I still like now.

Am heavily into Fairport, Richard Thompson, Iain Matthews etc and through these lovely people I have found other folk acts to like. I remember seeing Fairport at a benefit concert or local fete out in Essex, probalby about 1970, or 71. That memory came flooding back when I saw a copy of Liege & Leif in an Oxfam (thrift) shop for 50 pence about 12 years ago. When I played it I remembered what a superb band they were. Shortly afterward I saw and ad for the Annual Fairport Convention Reunion Festival, and, having just obtained a large tent, pesuaded Patti that we should go. The Festival is held every year at Cropredy in Oxfordshire, and for me is heaven on earth. We have been going every year for about ten years now, and this has to be one of the most friendly festivals ever, with great music guaranteed. Stongly recommended, and if you want info or help then e-mail me.

Apart from all this old stuff, I try to keep up with new things as well. I really like some of the music that came out of the USA at the time of the "paisley underground". Step forward Rain Parade, Green on Red, Dream Syndicate etc, and a big thank-you to Zippo/Demon Record over here who did their best to promote them. Rain Parade are my particular favourites, and I have followed the people involved into Clay Allison, Opal, Mazzy Star, Viva Saturn. Try to find solo things by Kendra Smith. Well worth the search - especially if you come up with The Guild of Temporal Adventurers, which is an overlooked masterpiece.

There are a couple of labels that have produced some nice music recently. Look out for Heyday Records out of San Francisco. They had some really good singers- Sonya Hunter, Penelope Houston and Barbara Manning. In Europe they were released through Normal Records of Bonn in Germany.

Anyway if you want a list of what I'm listening to at the moment, click the CD.

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